miércoles, 23 de marzo de 2022

LILANDRA (commission).

Chosen Sketch



I hope you liked it, if you would like to have one of my commissions, please, write me, I will be happy to talk to you!

   Talk soon! :)



domingo, 19 de diciembre de 2021

ODIN'S EYE COVER (to Bad Idea)

 This is the process:

   - Sketch chosen by editor (#2)

   -Final Pencil bt(w, available for sale)

  - Final Art (digital)

... and that's all, hope you liked it.

See you! ;)


sábado, 11 de diciembre de 2021

NUMB - Origin Story - (BAD IDEA)

So the first two pages of the short story "NUMB -Origin Story-".
Scripted by Matt Kindt to BAD IDEA. I hope you like it.

 Page #1

Page #2

See you! :)