lunes, 23 de marzo de 2009

Walking in the ugly town (III)

Disintegration (II)

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DanielHDR dijo...

Cool pics! What camera you have been using, Juan?

Congrats, my friend!

DanielHDR dijo...

And thanks a lot for your comment in my making of post. I´ve been posting some like that in previous notes in my blog, but this last one born after I read your last post, with that amazing cover to Med.Lady Death & Belladonna mini-series :D

Man, you make that skin points with your own hands!! You´re crazy, man ! Fantastic!

Juanjo RyP dijo...

Thank you Daniel! I would like to tell you that my camera is something special, but it is really a small and compact Werlisa, always in my pocket in my evening walks.
And yes, your artwork is amazing, I'm quite crazy ;)