viernes, 1 de mayo de 2009


Hey friends! Today there are not drawings neither news, today I want to speak to you. In the first time, I want to tell you that I am surprised and flattered by your kind mail, I am very happy receiving this and I will try to reply you to all, but have patience, I am very busy and my English is too bad. But thank you very much to write me!. Nevertheless, there are several questions that you ask repeatedly, I will try to answer them here. Right?.

USA Conventions: Right now I don't have conventions confirmed in US. This doesn't depend me, I would be happy traveling to United States for some convention and meeting with you, but right now I didn't receive some invitation. If there was some news about this, I will say it here, in my blog. Ok?.

NO HERO and Mr. ELLIS.: All your doubts and suggestions about NO HERO or any series that I made with Mr. Ellis, you can speak with him in WhiteChapel.
No, Mr. Ellis and me aren't friends, neither enemies of course, but we have never spoken and I think that we will never speak, then I don't know the plans of him for the series and I cannot suggest or to change things. Do you understand?

Next Series: Yes, after NO HERO will be another new series for AVATAR PRESS, but I cannot tell you something about this. When AVATAR PRESS announces this we will be able to talk… now it's a secret ;)

Future / Other editorials: Right now I am working for AVATAR Press, I don't know the plans for me the next year, but I will inform you if there are news. Ok?.

Thank you, friends.

Juan José RyP

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Jaime Martinez dijo...

bueno, que me he saltado el anterior post. Pinta muy bien la obra de estos autores y espero poder echarle el ojo y evaluarlo por mi mismo. Mucha suerte a ambos, dibujante y guionista.
Respecto a esta carta abierta a los fans, nada que decir,creo que cuando se repiten tantas veces las preguntas lo mejor es hacer lo que has echo tu y responder una vez en abierto.
un abrazo

Anónimo dijo...
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